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Florida Home Bound is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. The Compliance Department is designed to provide guidance to all of our employees and contractors regarding Florida Home Bound's ongoing commitment to conduct its affairs in accordance with applicable laws, standards, and sound ethical business practices.

Statements by FHB Chief Compliance Officer:

At Florida Home Bound our commitment to our patients and to our clients is to provide the best care possible. We fulfill that commitment by promoting adherence to ethical business practices, all applicable clinical, regulatory, and legal standards at Florida Home Bound policies and procedures, and Florida Home Bound's Code of Conduct.


Over the past 14years, our commitment to our patients and clients has helped us become a leading provider of healthcare services in Dade and Broward County. We have experienced many important successes but there have also been challenges. In 2009, we introduced FHB Compliance program to meet new OIG and ACHA standards, a company-wide compliance initiative, which addresses these challenges by strengthening our compliance resources, education, and infrastructure. Since the inception of FHB Compliance Standards, we have achieved improvements in needed and important areas of patient care and employee moral.


FHB compliance standards are intricately related to staff performance with positive outcomes in patient satisfaction reports. These include enhanced auditing and monitoring programs; improved systems for timely reporting of and response to potential issues; and installation of improved internal controls to help prevent recurrence of potential issues. FHB Compliance standards emphasizes on the importance of proper education and continual training of our employees.


Florida Home Bound employees, at all levels and disciplines, participate in compliance training programs and we are working to make compliance a cornerstone of all of our training programs going forward. FHB Compliance standards remains as a continuous improvement process and involves assessing risks, developing controls, monitoring performance, and implementing corrective actions and process enhancements.


Compliance is a fundamental part of Florida Home Bound's mission. It is also a crucial element in maintaining the high quality of care and service we provide to our patients and clients. As the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) for Florida Home Bound, it is my goal to continually find ways to strengthen Florida Home Bound's compliance program and compliance infrastructure so that each and every Florida Home Bound employee is consistently living up to our commitment to our patients, caregivers, insurers, and each other.


On behalf of all of us at Florida Home Bound, thank you again for your support and confidence in our care.