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Home Care is a very helpful choice for both Patients with Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and their families because it provides the very kind of care that is most important—service in the comfort and familiarity of the Patient's own home. Criteria for Home Care admission for persons with end stage dementia may not always be well known. The issues of mobility, nutrition and weight, verbal communication, problems with infection and overall decline are evaluated. The psychological and physical support provided by Home Care teaching and supported equipment can greatly relieve the family caregiver. Caring for a person with AD is a challenge that calls upon the patience, creativity, knowledge and skills of each caregiver.

FHB treats patients with every kind of terminal condition and many different forms of dementia, including persons with ADRDs. A proper assessment of a patient addresses the needs of the person and his or her caregivers and family in a comprehensive fashion. This is especially important to the family of a person suffering from ADRDs, since this person may have difficulty communicating his or her needs to family members or to you. More than those with other diseases, these patients spend a long period of time near the end of their lives bed bound, mostly unresponsive, and in need of total care. As with all of our Patients, it is the goal of FHB's Home Care program to care for the ADRD Patient while supporting and comforting the family and loved ones regardless of the setting of the patient's daily abilities. These communication challenges become part of your task.



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