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The Policy of Florida Home Bound is to ensure that our licensed professionals are provided with regulatory guidelines to meet the agency's, state and federal requirements.



By state regulation, you are required to obtain a LiveScan Background Check before employment. Florida Home Bound recommends that you first obtain and complete a LiveScan background check, which takes approximately 10-15 days to process. If you have already obtained a Level 2 Background Check and results are satisfactory, then please proceed to our Documents Checklist as a guide to completing our application. If you have not, please visit our Background Check page. A complete application must have attached all applicable documents listed on our Documents Checklist.


After you have completed all required documentation please go to Initial Orientation to begin our orientation process. Please be sure to submit requested information as proof that you have followed all applicable steps to in our orientation class videos.



1. Pre-Employment Application

2. General Application

3. Job description, test, and checklist

4. All licensed professionals are required to have a personal liability insurance. Click here to apply.


Please print the documents and bring them to the agency or fax them. For contact information, click here.


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